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The leaderboard is decided on the basis of time spent on the SSB Prep course.

Complete the course properly, we will see the time you spend on the course, the progress you make and then rank you.

This will be updated every weekend.

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Updated on 30th January 2022

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Rank 1st

Finished a lessons in one day! Actually watched the videos and spent time on getting educated. Used the resources provided to him.
"I can see him becoming an officer" 

- Col Rajvir Sharma


Rank 2nd

Did not complete the entire course, but watched 92% of the videos!

"I can see him becoming an officer if put in more effort" 

- Col Rajvir Sharma


Rank 3rd

Only completed 70% of the course but spent time watching the lessons and has been coming everyday and spending time to better himself!

"He has put in the bare minimum effort, I can see potential but he has to work harder. " 

- Col Rajvir Sharma

Subham Prasad Tripathy

Rank 4th

Only completed 60% of the course but has been significantly constant in using the platform and learning!

"He has put in little effort, needs to get serious. Have more dedication." 

- Col Rajvir Sharma

Hitendra Singh

Rank 5th

Completed only a small percentage: 51% but has not lied about their progress. Been real about watching the videos.

"He has put in VERY little effort, needs to get serious. Have more dedication and discipline." 

- Col Rajvir Sharma

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