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About us

Future army officer (FAO) is not just a coaching centre it is a training academy where young individuals are polished into giving SSB like an officer.

It is a platform started by now-retired Col. Rajvir Sharma to train young students who desire to serve the nation. He has informally given coaching to 11 (all of who passed after the first coaching given to them by col. Sharma) students which helped him discover his passion and, not to brag, but his talent of being able to polish students into passing the SSB.

The vision behind starting FAO is well understood, to polish young individuals because of Col. Sharma believes no matter who it is everyone has some qualities of being an officer. The only difference between the people who become officers and are not officers is the courage, the courage to serve the nation and work hard.

FAO allows you to first test your potential with a free online assessment in a one on one session with Col. Sharma. After this free assessment, we give you the choice to take our courses or not because we believe in treating an individual responsible for their choices and treating them like adults. And according to the test you get to test if you decide to take one of our courses then Col. Rajvir prepares a course plan according to your abilities personally. Even after the end of your allotted time, you get to talk to Col. Rajvir Sharma for an extended period till your respective exam.

This last policy distinguishes us from any other academy as we care about helping you complete your dream of serving the nation that is why we are with you till the end, 30 hours doesn’t mean the end of your polishing.

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